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Cyber News 30 April 2024

Last week cyber news

  • The Simone Veil Hospital which is located in France had suffered from a widespread ransomware attack. As a result, they had to postpone all non-urgent surgeries and all consultation appointments. The hospital stated that all computer systems were disabled and that they were working with pen and paper. However, life-saving surgeries are taking place as usual
  • Zero day vulnerabilities in the Ivanti product caused a cyber breach at MITER Corporation.
  • SynLab reports the shutdown of all company activity in Italy due to a ransomware attack. The company operates about 380 laboratories where it performs various tests and now reports that it is forced to disable all computer systems and laboratory tests until the end of the event. At this point, no infidel group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • An attacker advertises information for sale that supposedly belongs to the Ramot Mall in Jerusalem. According to the attacker, this is information that also includes personal information, order history and more (probably related to a customer club that the mall manages through the website). This is information from the years 2018-2020.

Blackmailing Plastic Surgery Medical Centers

A new attack group is using personal images of patients in order to extort money from the medical centers it attacked.

Not long ago, a new ransom group appeared that uses the lowest possible extortion, the group attacked several medical centers that deal with plastic surgery, while publishing pictures of patients before, after and during various surgeries in an attempt to extort the ransom.

It’s important to remember – any information you pass on can leak out at one point or another, and leaking ID and phone numbers can be the least of your problems.

A Russian Hacking Group is Suspected of a Cyberattack on

According to experts from the American cyber security company Mandiant, a cyber group linked to the Russian government is suspected of carrying out a cyber attack that caused a tank at a water facility in Texas to overflow.

The hack in the small town of Muleshoe in North Texas occurred at the same time as at least two other North Texas towns took protective measures after discovering suspicious cyber activity on their computer networks, city officials told CNN.

The FBI is investigating the hacking activity. This cyberattack is a rare example of hackers using access to sensitive industrial equipment to disrupt the day-to-day operations of a US water facility, following a separate cyberattack in November 2023 on a water plant in Pennsylvania that US officials have blamed on Iran.

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