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Penetration Testing

VERIFY THAT YOUR SECURITY CONTROLS ARE in place and functioning Whether you need to prove regulatory compliance, satisfy a request from senior management, or demonstrate security maturity to your clients, a penetration test is a great mechanism to accomplish your goals. WHAT IS A PENETRATION TEST?

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How can you secure and improve your organization’s risk level if you don’t understand its security risk assessment environment? Whether you represent an international corporation with worldwide offices, a small startup business, or any other type of enterprise, understanding its security risks is one of the many challenges you face. CyberSafe’s Risk, Threat and Vulnerability […]

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SECURE CLOUD Cloud services are being adopted at an accelerated rate within the public and private sectors. It’s a fast-growing industry that brings new IT service deployment models to organizations. That’s why it’s critical that cloud-based solutions be implemented within the context of a security program that understands and accounts for them. CyberSafe can help […]

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Incident Response Services

If your organization’s computer network has suffered a security breach, CyberSafe’s Incident Response team is ready to assist you. You can turn to us with confidence — we’ll join your team and offer expert advice on how to handle and contain the breach. Act fast to prevent further compromise. Time is critical!   OUR SERVICES […]

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CyberSafe can offer your business or organization the temporary or part-time services of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The CISO is the first line of communication and has responsibility for information security tasks in an organization. Many business enterprises don’t have the financial resources to employ information security personnel as dedicated staff members. 

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In a world where your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated cyberattacks, your users can be the weakest link in the security chain. By training technical and non-technical users, you can help protect your organization from cyberattack. We provide cybersecurity training courses and simulator sessions that address the technical and human elements of your organization […]

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ISO 27001 / GDPR / HIPAA Organizations need to prove they are secure to compete in the global marketplace. ISO 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) describes the international standard for best practice for ISMS (Information Security Management System). Achieving accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that your company is following information security best practices, and provides an independent, expert […]

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Security Operations Center

Organizations face a constant stream of attacks from a variety of sources ranging from rudimentary, low-skilled actors to advanced, state-backed threat actors. skilled professionals are critical to identifying these threats as early as possible in the attack life cycle, in order to limit the impact on your business. CyberSafe has professionals at the ready to […]

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Organizations with Critical Cyber Infrastructures are obligated to invest in costly infrastructure upgrades. The information security threat landscape is ever-changing, both in complexity and in adversarial intent. Much like “Stuxnet,” a malicious computer worm that targeted critical industrial infrastructure, the introduction of well-funded critical cyber infrastructures and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) is connected to the internet by […]

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