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If your organization’s computer network has suffered a security breach, CyberSafe’s Incident Response team is ready to assist you. You can turn to us with confidence — we’ll join your team and offer expert advice on how to handle and contain the breach.

Act fast to prevent further compromise. Time is critical!

Cyber incidents have become very common and may lead to damage to information assets, the reputation and trust of customers and the organization’s business processes.

The probability of a cyber incident in an organization is very high whether it is a ransomware attack, a DDOS attack or a targeted attack by well-known hacker groups such as OPISAREL.

Providing a quick and high-quality response to cyber incidents is the key to containing the incident and ending it as soon as possible with minimal damage to the organization. You cannot control the threat – it is always there. That is why you must prepare and prepare for it in order to reduce the risk and protect your important information assets.

IR Team – Cyber Incident Response Team

The IR team – the cyber incident response team will manage the incident while providing a comprehensive response and will enable a quick and correct dealing with the incident, containing and ending the incident as soon as possible while maintaining the organization’s business goals, a quick return to routine and learning lessons.

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At the end of our investigation, you will have answers to the following questions:

  • Which malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities were found?
  • Which applications, networks, systems, and user accounts were affected?
  • What type of information was accessed or stolen?


  • Executive Summary: Summarizes the investigative process, major results and containment/eradication activities.
  • Investigative Report: Details the attack timeline and critical path with a list of affected computers, locations, user accounts and information.
  • Remediation Report: Details the containment and eradication measures and includes strategic recommendations to enhance your organization’s security posture.

Preparation and preparation in advance

  • Getting to know key positions in the organization.
  • Familiarity with the organization’s information assets.
  • Understanding the business processes in the organization.
  • Mapping the organization’s IT network.
  • Building communication channels and escalation.
  • Building an IR team that includes experts from our side and key people within the organization.
  • Dry practice to improve preparation.

During a cyber incident

  • Quick detection of the attack.
  • Rapid initial damage assessment.
  • Containing the event and isolating it.
  • Documenting the event and reporting to senior management.

Stop recovery and return to normal

  • Stopping the attack and preventing it from spreading to other layers in the organization
  • Treatment of the incident using dedicated treatment tools
  • Working with the legal department and with the cyber authority at all times of the event
  • Activation of forensics teams
  • Giving instructions to the IT team and transferring the continuation of the treatment to them
  • Drawing lessons, conclusions and improving the organization’s security system
  • Intelligence and cyber research of previous and similar events allows us to provide quick, efficient and effective treatment.


Whether your incident involves hacking, malware, Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) or an insider threat, CyberSafe experts have the skills to ensure that the breach is effectively contained, treated, and managed.

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