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Cyber security procedures should be clearly accessible and communicated at eye level to management and all employees of the organization. Strategy and policy are the cornerstones of any policy document.

The purpose of writing Cyber security procedures

To bring the message of cyber security to the organization and make it accessible to all employees, in order to get there one must understand its business goals, its business processes and what regulations it is subject to.

The first step is the commitment that starts with the management and continues to the employees TOP DOWN, the importance of making the procedures accessible is very high, because the employees are actually the active part of the entire process of implementing information security in the organization.

We at CYBERSAFE have a lot of experience in writing security procedures that speak at the level of the poor to all the employees of the organization, we translate the procedures into simple execution orders that will lead the users in an easy way to be part of the process.

How to determine work procedures in the organization

  • Determining a central strategy derived from the organization’s business strategy.
  • Building a security policy and architecture.
  • Interview with key positions in the organization.
  • Writing procedures, procedures and guidelines that will be available and understandable to every employee.
  • Writing hardening documents for the IT team.
  • Writing hardening documents for the organization’s development team.
  • Refreshing and going over the procedures once in a while and adjusting them to the risk appetite of the organization.

Accessible and uncomplicated cyber security procedures – will significantly increase the cooperation of the employees and bring the organization to maturity and protection.

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