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Organizations with Critical Cyber Infrastructures are obligated to invest in costly infrastructure upgrades. The information security threat landscape is ever-changing, both in complexity and in adversarial intent. Much like “Stuxnet,” a malicious computer worm that targeted critical industrial infrastructure, the introduction of well-funded critical cyber infrastructures and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) is connected to the internet by attackers looking for a way to break into them.

Successfully protecting your resources in a critical environment requires knowledgeable professionals dedicated to identifying emerging security threats and developing preventative countermeasures.


-Performing security functions more efficiently to save money
-Achieving effective security monitoring
-Improving security performance
-Acquiring responsiveness
-Freeing up resources to focus on more strategic projects and opportunities

CyberSafe offers regulatory compliance services to our critical cyber infrastructure customers to assist you in managing your information security landscape. Our mission is to get you compliant with regulatory requirements such as NERC CIP, DHS CFATS, DHS TSA Pipeline/Gas SCADA Guidelines, EPA Cyber Security of Water Resources, NEI 08-09 and FERC Hydroelectric Cyber Security requirements.


Managed Intrusion Prevention/Detection services with SCADA and ICS based signatures and rule sets utilizing your equipment.
Network Penetration Testing to find “openings” in your network before the attackers find them.
System and Internal Network Vulnerability Assessments to provide a risk profile of threats for your systems.
IT Risk Assessments to provide a quantitative representation of risks to your security processes.
(This type of assessment provides a foundation for an ongoing risk management program for your organization.)
Cyber Security Compliance Consulting to assist your organization in meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance requirements.

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