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Cloud services are being adopted at an accelerated rate within the public and private sectors. It’s a fast-growing industry that brings new IT service deployment models to organizations.

That’s why it’s critical that cloud-based solutions be implemented within the context of a security program that understands and accounts for them.

CyberSafe can help your organization modernize its legacy IT infrastructure(s) and transfer it securely to the cloud.


  • Security Engineering & Architecture – Design and engineer secure environments through our agile approach
  • Application Security – Improve the security of deployed applications
  • Managed Security Services – Build security monitoring capabilities into the cloud
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Account for business continuity requirements in system design
  • Assess your Cloud Services – Assess and monitor your cloud service
  • Security Compliance – Meet compliance requirements


According to Vanson Bourne – Conducting market research with technology, 73% of public and private organizations are adopting the cloud, yet only 46% are incorporating security into their cloud solutions.

CyberSafe has proven and verifiable experience in securing the cloud (AWS, AZURE, GCP).

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Backup data in the cloud today

If until today most companies and businesses kept all their information on company computers, in recent years most companies and businesses are aware of the advantages of the cloud and choose to use it. Today, instead of keeping all the information on the company’s computers, it is stored far away on secure cloud servers that guarantee the minimization of malfunctions that lead to the loss of business information as well as an invasion of the business’s computers and the server.

How essential is cloud data security?

Information security in the cloud is essential and important for any company, business or organization that uses cloud services. Information security is actually a technological envelope whose role is to protect your company’s information space. Through this security everything related to your company will be kept private, protected and will not be revealed to any person who does not have authorized access. This shell will guarantee control at all hours of the day regarding every action that is done in the system and will detect abnormal movements outside the system that could be a threat.

Risks in backing up data in the cloud

Company systems that are not properly secured are vulnerable to the following:

  • Cyber attacks – that’s why it’s important to contact the same company that is an expert in the field of information security in the cloud and the one that can provide you with the tools that will identify any danger and this before it damages the system and causes damage to the company. Dangers such as a ransomware virus and more.
  • Loss of information – if the business system is not properly secured and the things in it are not properly backed up, your business will be exposed to loss of information.
  • Information leakage – something that will most likely lead to the leakage of information from your company’s systems to your competitors.

In conclusion,

The conclusion is one! There is great importance in securing information in the cloud and this through a company with a successful reputation in the field that employs experts who can guarantee you the most suitable security package, a package that can include a firewall, antivirus, monitoring of information entering and leaving the server, encryption and locking, email verification, blocking of suspicious websites and any action that will guarantee you maximum business information security for your cloud services.

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