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One of the most important things for any company in the computer age is the data security. The main goal of every company is to ensure that its information will be secure, meaning it will not leak out and endanger the company and its customers.

This also applies to any action the company performs on the Internet. In this article we will tell you about the risks that exist in the age of computers and the Internet and how network and information security operations are mandatory in preventing these risks.

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The goal – Network Security

Most of us use the Internet to transfer messages and files between two parties. This is reflected in chat correspondence, email correspondence, use of file sharing software, and more. The main goal of network security is to guarantee each company information confidentiality, authentication between the parties in the network, accessibility of the services in the network, authenticity of the message transmitted in the network and the assurance that this or that message comes from a specific sender to a specific recipient.

What are the risks?

Network security is essential for every company and organization today because without adequate security the following can happen:

  • Eavesdropping on you – a hacker can eavesdrop on the company’s employees and managers online and prevent messages from reaching the desired destination.
  • A distorted message – hackers can change the original message, delete it or send a false message to the recipient.
  • Forgeries – customized network security will prevent a situation where someone impersonates another entity and falsifies the message.
  • Denial of service – Hackers can prevent people from receiving the same service they paid for.

In the bottom line, it can be said that a communication network that is not thoroughly tested and properly maintained can be hacked easily. Which can lead to financial damage and loss of customers.

Network security must for every company and organization

There is no organization that is willing to take on the risk, lest a hacker penetrate the company’s databases or one of the network services, carry out his plan and harm the company’s customers and the company’s services. Network security must be of high quality and guarantee that company that all the dangerous situations of intrusion will not occur and that the positive reputation of the organization will be preserved.

Quality information security that is customized for a company is important for commercial companies that are interested in protecting everything related to their professional confidentiality, companies that manage medical communications and must maintain the medical confidentiality of all data. Banks and the communication between them. DNS servers. Websites that offer online shopping and more.

Don’t bet on  your network security

Choosing a network security service requires a thorough process, at the end of which you will choose a reliable and experienced company in the field of information security and network security. The company you choose should guarantee you a service that will include checking the state of the network you are using and checking the communication connections.

After these tests, the company must issue a report that includes the state of the network and a clear plan to improve the situation. In the third phase, the company will ensure the installation of the firewall and other measures to secure the network and an access detection system, and in the final phase, it will check that everything is indeed working properly and that those security measures do detect situations of network intrusions.

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