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Suspect data theft in your organization? Downloaded a suspicious file to your computer?

Is your organization experiencing a cyber attack?

CyberSafe's intervention team is at your service »

Every day businesses and organizations are on the receiving end of cyber attacks.

It’s impossible to know when you will be the next one targeted. We stand ready to help.

Don’t become the next victim to a cybercrime!


We provide rapid response time available 24/7 365 days a year backed by a proven track record. 

In case of a cyber incident, call or fill out our incident response form and the CyberSafe incident intervention and response team will help you contain and minimize the threat keeping your business safe.

If you are experiencing a cyber attack collect the following details:

1. How was the attack discovered

2. Potential suspects or adversaries?

3.  Collect information regarding the attack from staff and employees.

Cybersafe provides immediate and effective  response by experts in the field 24/7 for any type of cyber attack. We provide a solution for  quick recovery in order to minimize the damage and reduce downtime.

After a cyber attack, information security recommendations should be implemented to strengthen security control in your business and to receive information on current threats.

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