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CyberSafe can offer your business or organization the temporary or part-time services of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The CISO is the first line of communication and has responsibility for information security tasks in an organization.

Many business enterprises don’t have the financial resources to employ information security personnel as dedicated staff members.

Either that, or their existing in-house IT team doesn’t have time to keep up with the constantly shifting diversity of the threat landscape.

CyberSafe is pleased to offer an exclusive service plan:


“CISO as a Service” will provide you and your business or organization with everything you need to protect and cover its information security requirements.

This service is an ideal option when you don’t have the need for a full-time CISO, or when the actual CISO can benefit from additional external assistance. The service is flexible and customizable: it can be tailored to your business’ needs!


The CISO is responsible for:

Information security issues within the organization.
Managing administrative and technical cyber threats.
Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information from the external and internal cyber threats, in addition to maintaining business continuity.
Protecting operating systems, communications networks, systems and applications.
Increasing awareness about leakage of information.


The CISO has professional responsibility for all aspects of information security in an organization. Some of these responsibilities include:

Building an information security strategy within the organization.
Risk survey/risk management in internal/external information security aspects.
Data Classification of organizational information.
Building policies and writing information on security procedures.
Construction and execution of a work plan for the information security system.
Handling issues involving laws and regulations.
Handling the organization’s information security as it applies to information systems and the human factor.
Handling information security gaps and hardening information security systems.
Supervising information security surveys and performance improvement processes while s prior to risk management.
Promoting information security for company employees, while being the source of knowledge for organizational information security issues.
Communicating with IT professionals for the purpose of closing gaps.
Providing senior management updates about the state of information security within the organization.


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