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What are phishing attacks?

In order to explain what a phishing campaign is, you must first explain what phishing attacks are. A phishing attack is the most common cyber attack in recent years. Phishing attacks are based on the weakest link in the organization – the human factor. History and experience show that the organization’s users will always fall victim to a phishing attack in one way or another, this fact creates a gap in the level of organizational information security.

The great difficulty for organizations to deal with this type of attack is partly due to the statistics of these attacks:

  • 45% success in all attacks
  • 80% of attacks include Malware
  • 77% of attacks are carried out in the email channel
  • 50% of emails are opened and infect the organization within the first hour of sending them.

The only way to significantly reduce the organization’s exposure is to increase the awareness of the human factor in the organization to the various phishing attacks. Phishing is a type of cyber attack that uses social engineering to trick people into revealing sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information. The attacker often impersonates a trusted entity, such as a bank, government agency or well-known company, direct manager or CEO, in order to gain the victim’s trust.

There are several types of phishing attacks in different configurations such as:

  • Email Phishing: A malicious email that appears to be from a legitimate source and contains a link or attachment that, when opened, downloads malware to the victim’s computer or directs them to a fake website where they are asked to enter personal information.
  • Target Phishing: A targeted phishing attack that specifically targets a person or organization. The attacker will research their target to customize the attack, making it more likely that the victim will fall for the scam.
  • Phishing targeted at senior management: Phishing aimed specifically at managers and decision-makers at a high level in the organization.
  • Smishing: A phishing attack that uses text messages instead of emails.

Phishing attacks campaign

What is a phishing campaign?

A phishing campaign is a coordinated series of phishing attacks that are carried out on a wide variety of targets. The attacker will often send a large number of phishing messages to a list of potential victims in order to increase his chances of success. Running a mock phishing campaign within the organization can be useful for raising awareness about phishing attacks within an organization. By sending a mock phishing campaign to employees, the organization can educate them about the dangers of phishing and help them develop the skills needed to identify and avoid these attacks. This type of training can help reduce the risk of a successful phishing attack and protect an organization’s sensitive information.

The ROI of a phishing campaign can be significant for an organization. Regular phishing simulation exercises can help reduce the risk of a successful phishing attack and protect sensitive information. At any given moment, your organization may find itself under attack which may lead to great financial damage.

It is recommended to conduct a phishing campaign on a regular basis, once or twice a year, to ensure that employees remain alert and up-to-date on the latest phishing tactics. Because the methods used by phishing attackers are constantly evolving, it is important to regularly educate employees on how to identify and avoid these attacks. The real value of a phishing campaign lies in its ability to raise awareness of the dangers of phishing and help employees develop the skills necessary to identify and avoid these attacks. By conducting a phishing campaign, an organization can identify weak points within the organization and by conducting a simulated phishing campaign for employees, the organization can identify which employees are most susceptible to phishing attacks and address these weak points through additional training and awareness efforts.

A phishing campaign helps build a corporate culture to comply with information security procedures

Building a culture of security in the organization, a phishing campaign can help build a culture of security within the organization, where employees understand the importance of protecting sensitive information and are vigilant in identifying and avoiding phishing attacks. Another value of a phishing campaign, protecting information assets by reducing the risk of a real phishing attack, a simulated phishing campaign can help protect the organization’s sensitive information and prevent financial losses, reputational damage and legal liabilities.

Cybersafe phishing campaign

The Cybersafe team has a deep understanding of phishing attacks and online threats, our team of experts is updated every step of the way for all possible types of attacks, our team knew how to provide you with the necessary expertise to create a simulation for an effective, high-quality and reliable phishing campaign. In building a phishing campaign for you, we will adapt an exact campaign to the organization’s needs and refer to the field in which the organization is engaged. A phishing campaign is a good solution for raising employee awareness in an organization, the practice educates the mindset before clicking and falling victim to cyber threats.

At the end of the campaign, you will receive a detailed report with statistics about the campaign. We recommend incorporating employee awareness training into the phishing campaign in order to raise the level of employee awareness in the organization, through professional training it will be possible to minimize future damages.

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