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CyberSafe is a place where experts in technology, software development, cyber security and industrial control systems come together as a team to solve big problems and make industry shaping changes. We are looking for hardworking, highly skilled professionals, that are eager to join us on a journey of technological challenges, collaboration and problem-solving. If you are looking to put your creativity and experience to work to help secure and optimize the world’s most important infrastructures we want to hear from you.

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This position performs direct penetration testing on end-client networks and applications as required. The expectation is that the tester be proficient in the testing methods required to meet the client objective(s) and provide expert recommendations for remediation and the improvement of the client’s security program.

CyberSafe is very team-driven and it is important that this role function well as a part of a greater team and mission.


Minimum of 2 years of penetration testing experience, preferably in the healthcare or financial industries

Demonstrated knowledge and/or experience in network engineering or application development in addition to penetration testing experience

OSCP or equivalent preferred

Direct consulting/customer-facing experience presenting testing results and recommendations

The ability to break down and write reports that communicate complex information security concepts to those who are not security or IT experts

Passion and love for the field.

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