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Cyber News 14 Jan 2024

Last week cyber news

Cyber security events

  • Turkish hackers break into vulnerable MS SQL servers around the world.
  • A cyber attack exposes Swiss Air Force documents on the dark web.
  • Information was leaked at the US Department of Transportation – aviation records were exposed
  • A flaw in the WordPress AI plugin makes thousands of sites vulnerable to attacks.
  • A new study found that most consumers will leave a brand that has experienced a data breach, 75% of consumers are willing to leave brands if and when they face cyber security issues such as data breaches. Moreover, it seems that hard work is required to gain the trust of consumers, especially after a cyber attack.

Iron Swords War Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks against Israel have become more sophisticated throughout the Iron Swords War

This is according to the report of the cyber system. According to the report, about 15 main attack groups were identified in the cyber space, some of which share intelligence with each other. These groups are identified as being associated with Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Among the main sectors targeted by the attackers: the IT sector, such as web hosting and storage companies, the health sector, academia, transportation, shipping and customs brokerage, as well as the energy sector and fuel supply. According to the report: “The common feature of the attack on these organizations is the possibility of a widespread impact on other organizations in the area or that use the services of the attacked organization.”

The report contains detailed recommendations for defenders, types of assets under attack, defense tools, insights and methods of coping and details on attack tools and methods used by the attackers, information security updates, hardening of endpoints and security. The implementation of the insights will increase resilience and enable better dealing with the various attacks.

Security updates

Microsoft has released about 58 security updates for vulnerabilities in supported software. Among other things, security updates were published for vulnerabilities in third-party products, 2 vulnerabilities are classified as critical. 19 vulnerabilities could be exploited by a remote code execution (RCE) attacker. It is highly recommended to test the updates in a test environment, and install them as soon as possible.

Fortinet has released a security update to address vulnerabilities in FortiOS and FortiProxy software. A cyber threat actor could exploit this vulnerability to take over an affected system.


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