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How can you secure and improve your organization’s risk level if you don’t understand its security risk assessment environment?

Whether you represent an international corporation with worldwide offices, a small startup business, or any other type of enterprise, understanding its security risks is one of the many challenges you face.

CyberSafe’s Risk, Threat and Vulnerability process is based on the principles of ISO 27001 and NIST Frameworks, Risk Assessment Management – Principles and Guidelines.

It has been developed to ensure that your Threats and Vulnerabilities are swiftly identified and understood before making strategic decisions. By calculating the security risks and providing a quantitative assessment of your environment, we can enable a prioritized approach to mitigation.

Highly-Skilled Consultants

Our team of highly-skilled Security Risk Assessment Consultants will conduct comprehensive research and investigations; always working to develop an accurate understanding of your specific risk profile.

But it’s not just about identifying and quantifying the risks that you may be exposed to. We will also work with you to create an integrated mitigation plan that reduces the potential impact that each risk might have.

Your personalized Integrated Mitigation Plan will include reviews of your:

  • Current security strategy, including all systems and procedures
  • Physical assets such as buildings, contents, plant and equipment
  • People, including staff, visitors and contractors
  • Business data and sensitive information held on corporate IT systems
  • Supply chain and all third-party suppliers
  • Company processes, such as recruitment and vetting
  • Activities that may attract terrorists, cybercrime, and other criminal activity

Unbiased Security Advisors

Our recommended solutions are tailored to your specific business needs and always take into account the risk Assessment appetite of your organization.

As independent security advisors, you can feel safe and protected, knowing that our advice will be impartial and unbiased.

Our only objective is to reduce security risks and improve your day-to-day operational effectiveness.


CyberSafe Security Status Report

Our Security Status Report is the basic service that provides a snapshot view of the current status of certain areas of your security assessments.

MORE FOCUS on the current standing of the specific area under review.

LESS FOCUS on the identification of threats and risks.

After an initial consultation, we’ll establish:

  • Which areas will be assessed.
  • The criteria upon which the assessment will take place.

Typically, areas of assessment might include the following:

  • Security Systems
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Security Guards
  • Security Response
  • Security Operations (SOC)

CyberSafe has built up an extensive local and international portfolio over the years.

By drawing on our experience and resources, we can help you reduce your security risk assessment profile and make the most of your existing security environment.